Health IT Book Club


The HIMSS NY State Chapter Health IT Book Club is an opportunity for active members to read interesting books as a group and discuss them online through a WebEx discussion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the expected time commitment for the club?
    There will be a 1 year commitment overall however we expect each book to take an average of 6 hours to read.
  2. How often will books be read, and what are the expectations?
    The group will complete a book every two months (six books per year). Books will be selected based on the interests of members, captured through online survey between each period.
  3. Is there any cost to participate?
    No, however in order to join the book club, you must be an active HIMSS member.
  4. How do I obtain the assigned books?
    Books should be obtained by the participants; either through purchase or from their local libraries.
  5. How do book club discussions work?
    The book club will be completely online so people can participate from work, home or traveling. A WebEx link and telephone number will be provided to members prior to the scheduled book club discussion. The book club discussion will be recorded for viewing at a later date.